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No Preference. Condition see all. Not Specified. It was my first ever time to see these guys play live and after the gig I realized why they have conquered Europe so fast, becoming a big name in the dark underground scene in such a short time. So after a few last drinks and commemorative pics with old friends, we headed over to the hotel, dead tired but so delighted, also knowing that the second day of the Fest was to follow. Of course we managed to be back early enough to get some rest, as we had a long night ahead of us. At Sweet Ermengarde hit the stage. This band has definitely released the best album of , if you ask me.

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They have a great line up, consisting of talented musicians and the addition of Mike York ex- Garden of Delight, Kalt as the second guitarist, made them even stronger! So the lights went off and Mike York came first on stage, followed by the rest of the clan.

Their singer Kuba , without moving and dancing too much, delivered the appropriate dark feeling. The Nephilimesque bass lines of Lars , led us back to the old goth days and generally the whole band was more than outstanding on stage.

This made the audience dance a lot. This was the only band of the fest that I had seen on stage twice already. They released the best album of , according to my opinion. Rob , as always, was very expressive on stage, even if he was a bit static. He was singing with passion every song they played.

Still, they managed to play two new songs from their forthcoming ep, both of them being masterpieces. It was really fun to see people in the first rows jump all together, hugging each other… Great moments! Actually their music style of minimal-wave was not my cup of tea at all. Nevertheless, I saw a lot of people enjoying their tunes.

I have to admit that these guys are one of the main reasons that I traveled to Germany. I am a big fan of their music for years and even if I have traveled to London several times, I never had the opportunity to catch them live on stage.

Danica Bergagnini

Therefore, I was very excited that this time I would get to see them at last. He was performing every song with such a brilliant and unique way. He was so hyperactive on stage and was driving the audience to dance and jump around all over the place! Tim on guitars and Chris on bass were the perfect companions to this outstanding show. They closed their magnificent gig with the title track of their debut album, during which all the fans in the front rows including me , were jumping and singing all together….

What a brilliant way to end this really great gig! Uni Form from Portugal was the last act of this really great 2-days festival. I really had no idea about these guys and had never heard of them before. Even though they came on stage around am and a lot of people had already left the venue, I decided to stick around and watch them play. I confess that even if their post punk style was not my kind of thing, these guys were quite interesting.

They had a very nice video wall which helped them a lot in presenting their songs and making the audience follow them into their dark world. They reminded me of Joy Division with a modern approach. Quite decent performance that left everyone satisfied, leading a lot of people to their merchandise stall. II was definitely one of the best festivals experiences I had across Europe. Congratulations to Ralf Djwahni for putting so much effort in organizing all this.

I really hope he is already making plans for the next one. I know I am. Until the next time …. From the introduction of the 3-point line to today, the game has changed drastically. Now, players like Steph Curry and Draymond Green are leading the charge.

Sixteen-year-old Nora Wakelin has always felt like an outsider in her own family. Nora has always imagined that her biological mother might somehow provide the answer as to why she feels like such an outsider.

Mystery Thriller Movies 2019 Full Length Possession Story Film in English

Through internet stalking and leaps of logic, Nora identifies three women living elsewhere in California who seem like they could be her biological mother. So she sets out to track them each down, one by one, under the pretense of a statewide tour with her rock band, Blue Miles. Three cities, three gigs, three possible birth mothers—it sounds so easy. Nora wants to be with Daniel, she wants to find her birth mother, she wants to keep her parents happy, she wants the band to stay together, and she wants to know why she is the way she is. Shane has been doing college all wrong.

Her life has been dorm, dining hall, class, repeat.